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Born in Japan, Kō Ishikawa studied shō with Mayumi Miyata and Hideaki Bunno, and gagaku ensemble and theory under Sukeyasu Shiba. After completing the master's degree in philosophy at the Sophia University, he joined the gagaku ensemble, Reigakusha, regularly performing at the National Theater as well as numerous music festivals around the globe. In October 2003, he took part in the Sound Field Festival held in Chicago, and he has also participated in the Transonic Festival in Berlin in January 2004.

Apart from shō, Ishikawa also plays wu, which is a re-constructed instrument discovered in the Shosoin Treasure House. As well as performing the traditional repertoire, Ishikawa is also very much involved in the field contemporary music. He has performed with orchestras and musicians from other genre, and has made a number of recordings.

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