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Dickson Dee (aka Li Chin Sung) is an experimental music producer in Hong Kong, also a member of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd. (known as CASH). In early 90s, he started his experimental music production. In 1996, he released his debut solo album "Past" under TZADIK (USA), a label set up by the American renowned pioneer musician John Zorn. The album was selected as the fifth most significant album out of 20 albums in 1996 by the popular experimental music magazine . Then after, Dickson took part in the production of various albums by artists from China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc including all the eight albums of Otomo Yoshihide released under Noise Asia.
Between 1998 and 1999, Dickson was invited to participate in the music production of Chinese big opera "Oomolangma song & dance opera". He had been to Tibet several times for sampling. With the support of the local government, he successfully obtained a great deal of primitive sound materials of Tibetan and Lamaism music. Moreover, he also collaborated extensively with local artists. He made use of the materials he gathered, and combined them with the traditional Tibetan folk music. This had gained recognition and positive response from the local government, and left a deep impact on the production of the local folk music. Consequently, both sides built up a long term working relationship, and up to the present, still maintain several music collaboration projects. Upon returning to Hong Kong, Dickson made some arrangement with the materials and decided to release all the related music production under the name Li Chin Sung.
Inspired by the first collaboration, Dickson was again invited to Mongolia in 2001 to work with the local artists under the same condition. The trip was highly regarded by the Mongolian government. Besides obtaining a large number of Mongolian music sound materials, he also went farther into the Mongolian countryside twice to gather folk music materials. In addition, he also collaborated with The National Traditional Folk Music Dance Troupe of Mongolia. In the 2 months of working together, Dickson gradually attained a mutual understanding with Mongolian renowned artists including the prima morinhuur of the Troupe, M.Burged Baatar, and the prima throat singer also the head of The Mongolian Throat Song Union, Zulsar Z. They developed a new idea of combining improvisation and turntable cut 'n' paste technique with morinhuur and throat singing.
In November 2001, Dickson returned to Hong Kong and started to arrange the music materials he collected from Mongolia. He hoped to produce new music by adopting improvisation technique in blending the sampling from the Mongolian Traditional Folk Music with experimental/electronic music.
Part of the work has been completed now, and would be released under the name Li Chin Sung. Furthermore, he remains in good contact with the two Mongolian artists, hoping to adopt LIVE performance style in completing the new approach of mixing Mongolian folk music improvisation, cut 'n' paste, and experimental/electronic music. At present, Dickson is planning to revisit Mongolia sometime between July and August. He is also planning a tour to Mainland China, Taiwan, and Macau around October under the name of Li Chin Sung Trio

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