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December 13, 2003, 8 pm

•cross//roads 7, Earth Sounds
Porgy und Bess

Part of the international conference "Globalization and Cultural Difference in Contemporary Music", Vienna, 12.-14.12.2003

The Chinese Mouth Organ and its Others

Huang Lung-Yi (Taipei), sheng
Gene Coleman (Philadelphia), bass clarinet
Chao-Ming Tung (Köln), zheng, electronics
Eva Furrer (Wien), flute
Dimitri Polisoidis (Wien), viola
Bernhard Lang (Wien), electronics

Jin Diao
for 17-piped traditional sheng

Gene Coleman
Setting for bass clarinet, sheng, flute and viola

Miaozu huange
for 8-piped hulu-sheng

Sandeep Bhagwati
Illusies van harder en zacht for viola and sheng, premiere


Improvisation for Sheng

Tung Chao-Ming
Lied des verlorenen Landes II for zheng and flute

Chen Xiaoyong
Du Bai for sheng solo

Bernhard Lang
dw 13b for sheng, viola, flute and live-electronics, premiere

The 7th concert of the AsianCultureLink concert series cross//roads at Porgy&Bess Vienna will introduce different possibilities and approaches of an intercultural dialogue between Chinese and Western instruments. Musicians from Klangforum Wien will meet with Huang Lung-Yi, the sheng (mouth organ)-player of China Found Music Workshop Taipei in notated and improvised music from composers with different cultural backgrounds.

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