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January 24,.2004

• Singing Dragons  
Wiener Konzerthaus, "generator", Neuer Saal

Qin Wenchen: He Yi ("unification"), 1998/99

Wolfgang Suppan: studie II for sheng solo and live-electronics, 2004 premiere

Wang Sue-Ya: Miniature for flute, percussion, zheng and violoncello with amplification, 2004 premiere

Simeon Pironkoff jun.: Départs imprévues, music with sheng, zheng, oboe, accordion and percussion, 2003/2004

Dietmar Hellmich: Kammermusik Nr. 6 for zheng, viola, violoncello, accordion, xylophon and electronics, 2003 premiere

petschinka: four texts from Wüstland (speaker: Petra Jeup)

Christian Utz: the wasteland of minds for Clarinet (A), sheng/xun, zheng, accordion, violin, violoncello and live-electronics
2003/2004 premiere


Bernhard Gàl: uh-jeh-gal for sheng, zheng and live-electronics, 2004 premiere

Li Chin Sung: Busy mediate, 2004 premiere; video-installation: Pik Yu-Chan

Ensemble On Line Vienna
Simeon Pironkoff jr. , conductor

Wu Wei: sheng
Yeh Jiuan-Reng: zheng
Petra Jeup, speaker

Bernhard Gàl, live-electronics
Li Chin Sung, live-electronics
Wolfgang Suppan, live-electronics
Christian Utz, live-electronics

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