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silk & bamboo / button & wire - Music for Chinese and Western instruments

• April 20, 2006, Darmstadt, 60. Conference of the Institut f. Neue Musik and Musikerziehung
Akademie for Tonkunst, 8 pm.
• April 21, 2006, Berlin, House of World Cultures
Exhibition "China - Between Past and Present", Exhibiton Hall, 8.30 pm.

Yeh Jiuan-Reng, zheng
Wu Wei, sheng
ensemble on_line vienna
Simeon Pironkoff, conductor

Wolfgang Suppan, live-electronics
Christian Utz, live-electronics

Wolfgang Suppan: studie II for Sheng solo and live-electronics (2004)

Si duan jin - traditional music for Zheng solo

Simeon Pironkoff: Fall/Wende for Sheng and Accordion (2005/2006) world premiere

Chao Ching-Wen: Natural Boundary (Tian Nie) for Zheng, Violin, Violoncello and electronics (2005/2006) world premiere


Sandeep Bhagwati: Illusies van harder en zacht (2003/2005) world premiere
1 for Sheng, Violin, Violoncello
2 for Zheng and Violoncello
3 for Sheng, Zheng, Violin, Violoncello

Jindiao (Yan Haideng, 1957) - traditional music for Sheng solo

Gworld premiereng ling san - traditional music for Zheng and Sheng

Tung Chao-Ming: Herzsutra for Zheng and electronics (2004) [Darmstadt]
Sandeep Bhagwati: Traces & Shadows for Sheng solo (2006) world premiere [Berlin]

Christian Utz: the wasteland of minds for Sheng, Zheng, Clarinet, Accordion, Violin, Violoncello and live-electronics (2003/2004)

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