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Globalization and Cultural Difference in Contemporary Music Dec. 12-14, 2003



International Conference and Workshop
Vienna MICA MusicInformationCenterAustria
Stiftgasse 29, A-1070 Vienna

• Friday, 12/12

7 pm
Cultural Difference as Compositional Challenge
[Christian Utz, Vienna]

7.15 pm
Opening Lecture
Neither here nor there - Poetic License as Exile
[Sandeep Bhagwati, Berlin]

• Saturday, 12/13

10 am
One-Hundred Years of Transcultural Appropriation: Perspectives from Ethnomusicology
[Jonathan Stock, Sheffield]

11 am
Workshop I
Presentations of new Works for mixed Chinese-Western ensemble
[Bernhard Lang, Vienna / Tung Chao-Ming, Cologne]

12 am
Sandeep Bhagwati: Die Musik der Ghat Biwa (The Music of the Ghat Biwa)
[Christian Utz / Sandeep Bhagwati]

2 pm
Workshop II
Presentations of new Works for mixed Chinese-Western ensemble
[Chen Xiaoyong, Hamburg / James Clarke, London]

3 pm
Lecture and Dialogue
New Music and Traditional Music in Taiwan
[Xenia Hu / Pan Hwang-Long, Taipei]

8 pm
cross//roads 7: Earth Sounds (Porgy&Bess Wien, Riemergasse 11, 1010 Wien)
Compositions and Improvisations by Sandeep Bhagwati, Gene Coleman, Bernhard Lang,
Chen Xiaoyong and Tung Chao-Ming.
Huang Lung-Yi, Eva Furrer, Dimitrios Polisoidis, Gene Coleman, Tung Chao-Ming.

• Sunday, 12/14

10 am
Lecture and Performance
Transcultural Performance Practice – Potentials and Challenges
[Gene Coleman, Chicago / Huang Lung-Yi, Taipei]

11 am
Workshop III
Presentations of new Works for mixed Chinese-Western ensemble
[Pan Hwang-Long / Heinz Reber, Vienna]

12 am
Lecture and Dialogue
East-Asian Composers in Europe
[Christian Utz / Chen Xiaoyong / Tung Chao-Ming / Joël Bons, Amsterdam]

2 pm
Panel Discussion
Tendencies in Musical Globalization – Collaborations between Asian and Western Musicians and Composers
[Sandeep Bhagwati; Joël Bons; Gene Coleman; Xenia Hu; Matthias Osterwold, Berlin;
Pan Hwang-Long; Jonathan Stock; Christian Utz]

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