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December 12-14, 2003

Globalization and Cultural Difference in Contemporary Music

International conference and workshop (in english language)
MusicInformationCenterAustria MICA, Vienna
Stiftgasse 29, A-1070 Wien
Program and timetable

With the project Crossings AsianCultureLink has initialized a unique collaboration between the Klangforum Wien and the Taiwanese silk-and-bamboo ensemble China Found Music Workshop Taipei. As the opening of the project this conference brings together musicians from both ensembles and six composers who will contribute new works, to be premiered on March 28, 2004 in Berlin. They will introduce their concepts of combining or contrasting both ensembles and/or musical traditions in three workshop sessions within this conference.

Obviously, the opportunity to create these cross-cultural works is a result of musical globalization. Which challenges do composers and musicians from different cultures face, when involved in such an artistic process? Which chances, obstacles, ironies or failures can be part of it? During the conference, such questions are approached in lectures, dialogues and discussions from multiple perspectives. Researchers, composers, musicians and concert organizers will critically reflect on the scope of musical globalization and cultural difference, thus providing a fertile ground for controversial and lively discussions.

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