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• Asian Music Circuit London

• Blue Pipa - Min Xiaofen, New York
dedicated to the exploration of traditional and modern music from all cultures

• CHIME - European Foundation for Chinese Music Research

• Chinesische Bunte Blätter
Wang Ai Qun - Chinese Qin-Player based in Munich / Germany

• Cultural Transfer
Research Project Vienna


online information source on contemporary international artists from all fields

• Database of Contemporary Music in Taiwan


koto, zheng, kayagum, Korean percussion/guitar

• Kulturen in Bewegung

• Kulturimpuls
Link for organizers of cross-cultural projects, Vienna

• Melody of China
San Francisco based Chinese Ensemble

• Music from China
New York City based Chinese Ensemble for contemporary music

• Music from Japan
Database of Contemporary Japanese Music

• National Taiwan University - Musicology

• Oneworld
open digital space for international trends

• One World

• Orchid Ensemble
Vancouver / Canada
blends musical traditions and instruments from China, Europe and beyond

• Research Center for Japanese Traditional Music

• School of Oriental and African Studies London | Music Department

• Silk Road Project

• Sinorama
Taiwanese Journal for Art and Culture

• Tokyo International Music Ensemble
Database of Contemporary Japanese Music

• Virtual Library of Asian Studies