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Christian Utz  
Christian Utz studied composition, piano, and music theory in Vienna and Karlsruhe; he is professor for music theory and music analysis at the University of the Arts in Graz/Austria. In 2000, Utz received a PhD degree at the Institute for Musicology at Vienna University with a thesis on New Music and Interculturality. From John Cage to Tan Dun (published in 2002 by Franz Steiner Verlag Stuttgart / Germany).

In 1998, he founded AsianCultureLink to enhance intercultural exchange between European and Asian countries. He initiated collaborations between Taiwanese/Chinese and European musicians and composers. His research project on the “Relationship between Traditional and Contemporary Music in Taiwan“ in 2000 was supported by the Fondation Sino-Française pour l'Education et la Culture, Taipei. He has been guest editor of ‘Traditional Music and Composition’, an issue of the journal “the world of music” (Vol. 45/2).

Utz gave numerous lectures in East Asia and Europe and frequently presented papers at international conferences, his compositions have been performed by leading ensembles and musicians worldwide.

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