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Concert series "cross//roads 2001/2002"

Current music between Asia and Europe

Concerts 1-4, Porgy und Bess Vienna
NewTon Ensemble; Koehne Quartett; Guests

The concert series cross//roads focuses on crossing and emphasizing cultural borders. Four concerts combine music by East-Asian and European composers. Among them is Yuji Takahashi (*1938, Japan), a leading figure of Japanese avantgarde music. Corresponding musical concepts from different cultural backgrounds are presented. The music is performed by distinguished artists such as the NewTon Ensemble and the Koehne Quartet.

Yuji Takahashi
Jin-Ah Ahn ,
Christian Utz
Klaus Lang
Xiaoyong Chen

Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
Bernhard Gál
Chao-Ming Tung

Koehne Quartett

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